6 Months to Go

Me and my partner Rob are going on a year-long trip to New Zealand.

We have decided that we would like to leave to the UK in October 2013, stop in China on the way, head to Auckland first and fly back via the States… enough info to get our flights booked!

Air New Zealand flies over 11,400 miles from A...

For the last few weeks we’ve been gathering flight quotes from various travel providers:

STA Travel
£1298 pp: London – Shanghai – Auckland – London (no stop in the US)
Not a great option for us, as we’ll be over 26 when we fly and China isn’t included in their round-the-world routes. However, their multi-flex pass are appealing for us indecisive types – 3 free flight changes for £59 or unlimited for £99.

Flight Centre
Requested quote online and provided more details on the phone. Still waiting for a quote 12 days later…

£2116 pp: London – Shaghai – Auckland = San Francisco – London
Didn’t request any additional info and feels like they haven’t offered us the best deal.

Travel Nation
My friend recommended them after having a good experience of booking with them to NZ. Hopefully, we’ll book with this company. The consultant has been very helpful and patient with our deliberations. Will report on final price once it’s booked!

If there’s any other travel companies you’d recommend getting a quote from, please let me know.

We applied for our working holiday visa 2 weeks ago, so hoping we’ll hear back soon. This seems to be the visa that most Brits travel on to Oz and NZ, it allows you to do temporary work for 12 or 23 months (NZ), we opted for 12 months and the admin charge was £93.

Finally for this first post, I’ve been using a really handy guide from NZ immigration that helps you organise the tasks you have to do before you go. It’s designed for those who are emigrating, but you can remove irrelevant tasks – for those who love checklists!


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