Luggage shortlist

July is here and it’s exactly 3 months until we set off on our trip!

July also brings my birthday (quite conveniently) and I have been looking into luggage possibilities. Rob is taking a rucksack he already had from a trip years ago. I’d firstly been looking at super big rucksacks too, but have since decided that when we need to move all our belongings we’ll probably be on a bus/train rather than trekking the NZ mountains.

Therefore I moved my search onto large holdalls on wheels.

My main requirements are:
Enough space for stuff for a year but no larger than 157cm (width x height x depth)
Plenty of compartments/pockets
Sturdy frame and strong material (sensible)
Not ugly (not so sensible but still important)

Allow me to share with you my current shortlist:

Osprey Shuttle 80
£135 – £150


Weight: 3260g     Volume: 80 Litres     Dimensions: 76 x 42 x 36cm

Eastpak Transfer 2-Wheel Holdall , Yesterday Purple
Approx £90


2 halves in main compartment

Medium: 78L, H66 x W35.5 x D33cm and 3.4kg

And the Daddy of rucksacks:

Caribee Fast Track 75 wheeled backpack


75L 64 x 38 x 26 cm
With backpack straps and detatchable rucksack.

I’ve not decided between these yet and Rob keeps catching watching ‘luggage porn’ – love those cheesy demo videos.

I also called on the Facebook community for luggage tips and they didn’t disappoint:
‘Roll don’t fold’
‘Old clothes will wear out quicker but don’t take anything you’d be upset to lose/ruin’
‘You can get most things out in NZ but toiletries etc can be more expensive’
‘Pack, then take it all out and halve it!’

I’ve also been looking into vacuum bags to pack more in.

The Trip Advisor forums have been handy too. In this one, someone going on a similar trip went for the Caribee (mentioned above).

But, I could always do with more advice – so please put in your two pennies below 🙂


3 thoughts on “Luggage shortlist

  1. Hey Lucy,

    Very exciting that you’re planning to head to New Zealand for a year. Having visited earlier in the year, that country is certainly tugging at my heart strings.

    One thing I wanted to say was I think you’re being a little too cautious. You’re not packing for a year, you’re packing for 2 weeks (which is roughly how often I do my own washing). You need luggage for 2 weeks in terms of clothes, and as other people have suggested you can buy clothes that you really need out there (although worth noting it is more expensive).

    I would always go for midrange instead of cheap or expensive, because one is clearly made cheaply, and the more expensive would have had the price upped just because people would buy it.

    Best of luck!


    • Hi Jake,

      Thanks! Where abouts did you stay?

      Thanks for the advice, I know you’re right! A few people have said pack as little as you can as you can buy everything there. I know I’m bad at traveling light but I think I do need to scale it down and get ruthless!

      Cheers, Lucy

      • Hey Lucy,

        I stayed in Wellington for 2 weeks, and traveled up to Tapu. Didn’t quite make it to the South Island, but I can only hope to return.

        I think you just need to remember that it is country just like the UK for anything you might need, albeit a little more expensive. Pack light!


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