2 months to go

With exactly 2 months to go until Rob and I head off on our NZ trip, it’s all beginning to feel very real.

We’ve given notice on our lovely Leicester flat and there are upcoming gigs/shows that we can’t book for (missing Queens of the Stone Age is particularly hard to bear).

I’ve been thinking about what I’ll miss (beyond the obvious of family and friends) and also what I’m most looking forward to.

So in no particular order…

What I think I’ll miss: 

The bringer of hope

Tea: the bringer of hope

  • English tea
  • Sleeping in my own bed
  • Leicester – in all its multicultural glory.
  • Watching Rob’s band – the mighty Madam Fade – play in the city
    Our weekly visits to Phoenix, Leicester’s independent cinema
  • Walkers salt and vinegar crisps
    (wonder how bags many I could stash in my suitcase)

…but I will be thrilled to bid farewell to my daily commute!

What I’m looking forward to:

  • Experiencing a completely different culture during our stop off in China
  • Discovering the arts and culture of Auckland with my friend Ingrid (http://keepingupwithnz.com)
  • Seeing my friend Amy in her homeland and hopefully visiting my own childhood home
  • Meeting new people
  • New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

I’m sure both lists will grow over the next 2 months and we’re doing our best to let excitement win over fear!

Do you have any home comforts you don’t travel without?


2 thoughts on “2 months to go

  1. I snuck fruit tea bags into my suitcase for my trips to NZ – luckily undetected by customs. I know S missed his own bed a bit but otherwise you’re going to have a great time! My friend is a big shopper at the Asaian shop in Auckland – loads of quirky Japanese gifts, kitchenware, craft supplies and knick knacks. But make sure you travel around! We took a camper van round the weeks after Easter when the NZ tourists are all back at work so the resorts are quiet but the weather is still good.

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