Blogs of inspiration

While in search of inspiration for my next post, I’ve been thinking about the blogs that have inspired me while planning our NZ trip and are safely bookmarked for when we arrive.

There is a world of travel knowledge out there. In preparation for our trip to New Zealand I have become a regular visitor to TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and Guardian Travel. In addition I have begun to discover amass of travel bloggers sharing their personal experiences and recommendations.

Here’s a few of my favourites:

More general travel blogs with extensive NZ sections:

As well as using this blog to update family & friends, this is also what I’m hoping to do with Year in NZ.

And I can’t write about travel blogs without a mention to fletchjaney who has just returned from South America – she saw some wonders and maintained her cynicism and self-deprecation throughout.

Do you have any favourite travel blogs that you use in a similar way to mainstream travel websites?

NB. This post has not involved link exchanging is a genuine selection of blogs that I have found useful. Except Jane’s, but she just makes me crease.


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