Practice pack

Over the weekend, Rob and I had a major sort out ahead of moving out in a few weeks. I also attempted a practice pack to get a better idea of what I’ll be taking to NZ.

We’ve had some great tips from friends who have traveled on how to pack and what to take (see previous luggage post). I think Rob was pleasantly surprised by my first go at selecting what to take, though it can always be cut down further!

I opted for the Eastpak Transfer holdall from my luggage shortlist and I’m pleased by two separate compartments and various zipped pockets. We have a 23kg weight allowance on both flights, so I’m aiming for a few kg under this.

There are a few things missing and my toiletries will take up more space, but not looking too bad!


I’ve bought a couple of space-savers  including a Lifeventure compact towel and a mini hairdryer and straighteners – I tried these out last week and they work fine, straightening just takes a bit longer.

It doesn’t seem like much to take for a year, but a good excuse to go shopping in China and NZ!

Packing list:

Jumpers x3 (including fleece) Packing list  Cardigans x2
Jeans x2  Shorts x1
Skirts x2  Dresses x2
Tshirts x4  Long sleeve Tees x4
Vests x4
Denim shirt and smart/work blouse
Leggings x5  Socks x6
Underwear x8
PJs x2
Wrap towel and slippers
Shoes: trainers, boots, pumps and sandles

Still to get: Raincoat, another pair of casual trousers (cords?), black vest

I’m still thinking about hand luggage, I will probably take my backpack as it will be useful when I get there and will hopefully fit enough in it.

Let me know if you have any packing tips or there’s an item that you never set off without!


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