Last minute prep

We’re out of our flat, have packed our bags and are as ready as we’ll ever be!

Following our farewell party, we’ve had some further final goodbyes; a gorgeous afternoon with friends in Sheffield on Saturday, followed by a meal with my parents for me and a wedding for Rob. Yesterday, we had our families together for a very British afternoon tea.

I feel like I’ve written quite a bit about packing (it occupies a lot of your thoughts before you actually go anywhere!), but I’ve had some excellent last-minute tips from a friend from school, who is a well-seasoned Antipodean traveller, including:

  • Good things to include in your hand luggage: nasal spray to avoid nose drying which makes you more susceptible to bugs; fluffy socks; a pen for boarding/arrival cards; a separate little bag for things you’ll want handy on the flight and a jumper.
  • To print your NZ work visa to show at customs on arrival
  • Rob’s mum also advised that we mix up our clothes so we have some in each, just in case one bag gets lost/delayed (heaven forbid).20130930_113035

We asked my uncle that we’re staying with in China if he’d like anything bringing over from the UK. He said he’d like a pork pie and, as Rob is from Melton Mowbray, we’ll be taking him the king of all pork pies!

I’ve spent some this morning devouring travel blog posts (time-wasting or getting into the spirit!) including:

This afternoon we are travelling to London to stay over ahead of our flight tomorrow.
We’re a mix of emotions but feel very excited and lucky to be setting off on this adventure!


3 thoughts on “Last minute prep

  1. Have a fantastic time both of you, watch what you eat in China the pot noodles are not what the seem!!! Wish we were going with you.
    lots of love Diane and Paul xxxxx

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