New Zealand Music Awards

Last night, we had an education in Kiwi music at NZ’s answer to the Brits (and thanks to Vodafone sponsorship, the longest acronym for an event: ‘VNZMA’s’).

We arrived at Auckland’s Vector Arena just before the doors were about to close, so headed straight to our seats:


The show opened in style with Lorde performing Royals, which became the anthem of our night, She went on to win 4 awards including Best Single and International Achievement. Her acceptance speeches were warm and gracious – when winning breakthrough act, she thanked her parents ‘because when you’re 17 its hard to break out without permission’ – and you could feel the nation’s pride for the young singer.


by Ingrid Grenar: KUWNZ

The live performances were dominated by a array of fantastic female artists, our favourites were Aardhna and Iva Lamkum. We were also excited to see Bret McKenzie collect is award for ‘Highest Selling Single’ Flight of the Conchords’ Feel Inside (and stuff like that).

Despite the alcohol flowing, everyone was pretty well behaved and there weren’t any fights or wardrobe malfunctions.

It was a brilliant introduction to the breadth of Kiwi music and I’m sure it’ll be a memorable night for us… I’m working on our NZ playlist as I type.

For a review, all the winners and red carpet snaps, hop over to Keeping Up with NZ.


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