Feeling festive, just a bit differently

One of the things we wondered before coming to NZ was how the Kiwis do Christmas.
Celebrating at the start of summer, do they  have the same traditions and use the same imagery as the UK? 

In short, yes. Yes, they do. Things are very familiar as we enter the festive season, with the weather prompting the only noticeable differences.

Last week, we were starting to feel festive by…

Watching a Christmas classic
But outside, on a balmy evening. We watched It’s a Wonderful Life on the big screen at Silo Park on the waterfront. If you haven’t seen it, make this year the year you do! With fresh popcorn, red wine and a cracking line-up of festive films, we’ll struggle to find an better Friday night alternative.

Silo Park is also home to Santa, but not in his grotto – in his bach (summer-house in a silo).


Buying my Secret Santa present
I only started at work 2 weeks ago, so I really hope the woman I’m buying for likes Lush!


Having a roast dinner
With our British friends – impromptu, with a hangover and one cracker…
‘Q. Why does the golfer have 2 pairs of trousers?’ – answers below please.
Ho, ho, ho.

There are an array of Christmas markets for us still to visit. Next weekend we have our Christmas show – Chicago (Auckland Theatre Company’s rather than Leicester Curve’s at home) to come.

I’m sure everyone who experiences Christmas in Australasia (not matter how long they’ve lived here) finds the sunshine pretty jarring alongside carols, fir trees and santa in his big red suit. And obviously planning for Christmas already doesn’t feel the same knowing that we’ll be away from friends and family… but we’re hoping good food, wine and some Skyping will make us feel festive.

Apologies for the clumsy title of this post, originally I’d thought ‘feeling festive down under’ but it just didn’t work… for multiple reasons.


4 thoughts on “Feeling festive, just a bit differently

  1. The summer weather may seem a bit strange alongside a tradition that has always been surrounded by winter imagery but, as a Kiwi who has been in the UK for the past five Christmases, the weather is one of the things I miss most at Christmas. For me, Christmas was about BBQs, the swimming pool or the beach and weeks away at the bach! Enjoy! 🙂

    • Aw, I bet – I certainly wouldn’t swap the sun for snow right now! We’re planning to visit northland in the new year so hopefully we can find a bach that isn’t booked! Hope you enjoy Christmas in the midlands – have you been to the German Christmas market in B’ham? Lucy

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