Volunteering at Splore Festival

We’re currently recovering from our first NZ festival and the first time volunteering for a ticket.

Splore is held in a simply glorious setting of an Auckland regional park, with its stages right on the beach. Starting on Valentine’s Day, this year’s theme was love and the crowd was definitely feeling it. In the main the music came from UK dance and hip hop performers, my highlights were: Cuban Brothers, Blak Twang and Ebony Bones.


We hitched a ride with a couple of fellow volunteers and arrived on Thursday night, ready to start our duties bright & early on Friday.

We were allocated to Front of House roles and our job was to check car pooling at the entry gates. The festival organisers were encouraging punters to share rides and were refunding parking for cars with 3+ passengers.

We greeted people and gave a sticker to those who had car pooled. Most people had bought parking passes in advance while other had (non-refundable) parking included in their camping/campervan/glamping tickets, which caused confusion all round. Nevertheless, everyone was excited and in good spirits as they arrived and were relieved that we weren’t searching them for booze!

After 9.5 hrs standing in the sun, we were pretty much ruined for Friday night. We met some friends, had much-needed food & a couple of beers and lasted until about 10.30pm.

Splore FOH

Saturday wasn’t as gruelling but we had to learn the ropes of the admissions tent. There were seemingly endless types of tickets with associated clipboard lists, wristbands and post its. Chaotic. We muddled through the shift and were set free for the evening. We also had Sunday off, which was the sunniest day, to rest on the beach.

The festival organisers were striving for a ‘zero waste’ event; allocating reusable plastic cups, manning recycling bins and encouraging people to take their rubbish home. With only 7000 people, this seemed to largely be achieved and it was startling how clean the arena and the campsite were when we left.

Splore had a very friendly crowd in excellent costumes, big beats and tasty food in the perfect festival setting. We had our grumpy and tired moments but I would definitely volunteer at a festival again and recommend it to others.

Have you volunteered at any events on your travels?


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