Whaleless in Kaikoura

Every other article or blog post you’ll read about Kaikoura will be about whale watching. But not this one. We didn’t see any.

We took a 2 day detour to the town on the east coast of the south island before our sailing across to Wellington. The weather on the evening that we arrived was wet & wild. We stayed in another Air bnb place, just out of the centre and were cursing dropping off the hire car as we battled our way along the coast with our bags in tow.

The next morning there was snow on the mountain tops surrounding the town. On the ground it was clear and sunny and we were feeling pretty relieved with the turnaround ahead of our whale watching excursion. However, our midday sailing was cancelled as the previous night’s storm was having lasting effects on the waves.

Kaikoura town

We did think about the alternative of a helicopter flight to see the whales but it was twice the price for a third of the time. So we went to the pub instead.

Luckily, Kaikoura is a lovely little town. It has great walks around the peninsula and the nicest gift shops I’ve seen in NZ. We also had two great meals at the Pier Hotel overlooking the water and an Italian on the main strip.

We’ll be back Kaikoura but we’ll check the weather first.

Kaikoura (4)


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