Adventures in Queenstown

With only one night in the adventure capital of NZ we managed to squeeze in luging, white water sledging and a bungy jump.

We arrived on Saturday lunchtime and were captivated by the combination of the clear blue Lake Wakitipu against the backdrop of the Remarkables mountains. We headed straight to the Skyline gondola to get a better view. From the hilltop we went luging. Rob and I had done it before in Rotorua but it was great fun to have another go with friends. We also saw a wedding party at the track! The bride and her bridesmaids were posing for photos against the stunning view while the groomsmen had their shots taken while luging.


We had worked up quite an appetite by mid afternoon which could only be sated by a giant Fergburger. The fast food place has become a must do in Queenstown – not so fast at a 45 minute wait, it was a beautiful burger though. NOM.

Over to Rob for some thoughts on his brave bungy jump:

“I felt that while in Queenstown (home to adrenaline sports in NZ) it would be remiss of me not to throw myself off something high. Skydiving would have been amazing in such a beautiful setting but the huge price tag and amount of time it would take put me off a bit as we were only in Queenstown for one night and as always had limited funds. Which left bungy jumping as the most likely way to scare myself. After a quick trip to the iSite I found out that there is only one company that do bungy jumping in Queenstown and I chose the world’s first commercial bungy at the Kawarau bridge (43m).

We drove out to the spectacular setting and watched a few jumpers leap off the bridge. After being weighed a three times, and having it branded on my hand in marker pen, I was on the bridge waiting for my turn. The guy on his stag do just ahead of me helped dispel any nerves by stuggling with his small pink dress and inadvertently flashing the whole queue and working crew.

100_1977  Bungy 6

I got to the front of the line and was strapped very tightly by the ankles to the bungy rope and was helped to shuffle onto the ledge which felt a lot like walking the plank on a pirate ship. A brief countdown and I fell/jumped/dived. It was bloody scary and the feeling of jumping with nothing below but river and without anything to hold onto is something I had never experienced before.

43m below I was hooked rather unceremoniously into a waiting boat.”

Bungy 7

I wouldn’t say that I really enjoyed the experience but I’m really pleased that I did it.

The following day we all had a taste of adventure with white water sledging. Our group of ten took to the Roaring Meg rapids on nothing more than a plastic raft.  There were three sets of rapids on the course and we were instructed during the safety briefing that we would steer around the first one: The Maneater. I was second as we approached and as the instructor just drifted down out of site my board was pointed to far right and I was sucked underneath the rapid. We had been advised to hold onto our boards and perform a ‘duck dive’ if this happened, but I was pulled under too fast and had to let go of the board to resurface. I swallowed a lot of water and was pretty shaken but the guides were great and luckily I wasn’t hurt. Well until the next day when all our muscles ceased up from the exercise!

Queenstown has a great buzz about it and is one of the places we’ve visited in NZ with a lively nightlife. One night was definitely not long enough and we’re hoping to revisit in combination with a trip to Wanaka.


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