Weekend in Paekakariki

Just 45 minutes along the coast from Wellington is the small coastal retreat of Paekakariki. We spent the weekend camping there on a fantastic campsite on the beach. It was our first trip away since arriving in Wellington (only a few weeks ago) and it was great to get back on the road, even for a couple of days.

Some usual things that happened…

  • I got eaten alive by bugs as soon as we arrived. I’m considered shaving the skin off my legs to stop the itching
  • We ate and drank lots: burgers, chips & dips and beers!
  • We had a wander along the coast to the small town centre: had an ice cream and potter around the indoor market.

Paekakariki (3)

Some less usual things that happened…

  • We stayed in a cabin rather than a tent of campervan. Kiwi campsites are well equipped for families taking longer holidays and you can rent small cabins. The standards vary but ours had a kitchen complete with fridge, hob and microwave. It felt pretty luxurious to have a proper bed.
  • We ate feijoas – another small green NZ fruit that are in season and eaten with a spoon.


  • We contemplated our insignificance under the night stars on the beach
  • We bounced on an inflatable pillow – such fun!



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