The Road to New Plymouth

After a 3 day working week, we were lucky enough to have another long weekend to commemorate ANZAC day.

Our weekend was a bit of a Plan B thrown together at the last minute and we traveled North East up the country from Wellington, with New Plymouth as our final destination.

Back to Palmy

On Friday we headed up to Palmerston North, a small town in the south of the north island. I used live in an even smaller place just outside Palmy when I was a tot, so it was good to go back. We caught up with my parent’s friends and blog readers (Hi J&T!) over scones & Anzac cake.

We also went back to the street I used to live, which was a bit of an anti-climax as I couldn’t remember the exact number and you can’t really see the house from the road! Stopping at my Playcentre (Nursery) brought back some very faint memories.

Stopover in Whanganui

Onwards from Palmy, we made a stopover in Whanganui on Friday night. It was our first NZ motel stay, in a very modern and clean little unit. I turned to trusted TripAdvisor to find somewhere for dinner and we went for the number one rated restaurant, adjacent to another motel in the town. It was a strange place, essentially a large living room, with only one other dining couple.

Whanganui was more lively the next day and we wandered around the riverside market before getting back on the road.


New Plymouth

The Taranaki area was one of the places left on our list to visit in the north island. Sadly the mountain didn’t show himself but we got some good tips from our housemate who grew up in New Plymouth. We visited Pukekura Park, which boasted an outdoor amphitheatre, forest trails and a solid gold tree!

20140426_140806 20140426_153016

We were staying at a campsite on the seafront and a coastal boardwalk that runs for 11km. Sunday was a lazy affair with brunch and meeting a friend of a friend for coffee before the long drive back to Wellington.

20140426_155616[1] New plymouth campsite


2 thoughts on “The Road to New Plymouth

  1. Palmerston North – a small town??? Population 82000 – does that make us “small” 🙂
    Ashhurst is definitely a small town though!!!

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