Clothes shopping in NZ

Now I haven’t done a lot of shopping since I left the UK, but these are some of my thoughts on what to pack & what you can buy when you’re out here.

There’s no getting away from the fact that clothes and shoe shopping is more expensive in New Zealand – the products have got much further to be shipped! I also think that, in the majority of high street stores, the quality is not as good.

TOPSHOP have just announced their expansion into NZ with a flagship store opening in Auckland later this year. Until then, there are very few places where you can buy familiar UK high street labels. I’ve seen limited Miss Selfridge ranges in department stores, but you’ll see a top labelled at £39 and it will cost the equivalent of £55 in NZD.

I didn’t buy anything for months until I became familiar with the NZ shops and where you can buy better quality o20140517_141703n a budget.

My favourite NZ stores are:

  • Glassons – in most towns and maybe closest thing to H&M or Dorothy Perkins
  • Ripcurl – comparable prices to home and good quality
  • AS Colour – branches in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton, great for reasonably priced plain T-shirts and sweats
  • dotti – Aussie store similar to New Look

Suitcase essentials

Obviously packing for a long trip is one of the hardest parts of travelling and the time of year will dictate what you bring with you. We arrived in NZ at the start of summer so we just needed T-shirts, shorts and togs (swimwear) for the first few months. However, we did think ahead and packed warmer clothes, boots and coats.

I’d recommend to pack:

  • Vests and leggings – pack down small and can be worn with everythingCase1
  • A sturdy pair of sandals and boots – I had to replace my Birkenstocks at Christmas but I’d been wearing them for 10 years
  • A good pair of black trousers – especially if you’re planning to work, don’t forget something a bit smarter
  • A comfy travelling outfit – that you can wear on long drives and flights
  • Plenty of underwear!

There are sales as regularly as in the UK, but fewer discount vouchers. also ship to New Zealand. The prices are increased to make up for the shipping distance but you can avoid this by paying in pounds and shipping to NZ. 😉


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