Melbourne #2 – tramcar dining, rooftop drinking and Aussie wildlife

One of our trip highlights was dining on the Colonial Tramcar Restaurant. I’d booked for their ‘early dinner’ sitting well in advance as I read it was pretty popular.

We approached the stop behind a young couple dressed to the nines, the woman in sky-high stilettos. We were seated in a carriage with them and three other couples but our booth felt quite private. The experience was everything I’d hoped; we had a delicious 3 courses with fillet of beef, a double dessert and unlimited booze! The soft burgundy surroundings felt authentic and it was a novel way to see the city at night.

Colonial Tramcar Restaurant (4)

Suitably tipsy, we caught the train up to Fitzroy to meet friends in Naked for Satan. This bar got it’s name from the Russian cleaner, Satanovich, who distilled vodka there in his underwear in the 1930s. It has an open rooftop bar with a fantastic view over the city. We met an Australian friend, who has recently returned home from NZ, and friends from home who have just started their working holiday in Oz. A very merry night!

Luckily, we could have a leisurely start the next day. We had a walk to Federation Square and a super tasty brunch, Smashed Avocados: on soda bread with roasted tomatoes and poached eggs.

It was then onto our big tour of the trip: the Phillip Island penguin parade. On the way we stopped at a wildlife park and saw the wonders of Aussie wildlife including, koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, Tasmanian devils, dingoes and emus. It was the only really sunny day of our stay and it was a wonderful place to wander around. The kangaroos were so friendly and fed from our hands.

Maru Park (16)  Maru Park (26)

From there, we drove onto Phillip Island for dusk. From our viewing platform we watched the hundreds of small penguins (about 30cm high) come onto the beach to find their burrows. It was a magical sight. You aren’t permitted to stand up or take photos (mine is from their app), which for me really improved the experience as you weren’t constantly battling to catch a glimpse.

Phillip island penguin parade

After the parade we went into Cowes, the largest town on the island, for dinner before the long drive back to the city.


3 thoughts on “Melbourne #2 – tramcar dining, rooftop drinking and Aussie wildlife

    • Aw they were! The government had bought back all the houses so the area was clear for them to come onto the beach and back to their burrows. Wish we could see them closer to home! x

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