Planning our USA leg

It was quite a challenge to reign in the possibilities for our USA stop on the way home.

When we originally booked our round the world flights many moons ago, we allowed for just a week’s stop in San Francisco. Flash forward to May and planning our final 3 months, I was also tempted by Portland, Reno, Seattle and Vancouver.

Unfortunately those destinations didn’t make the final itinerary but I think we’ve found somewhere in the middle! Our current plan consists of…

San Francisco to Los Angeles Express

The day after we arrive in SF we’ll join a week long tour to LA. Including three states and four National Parks, it’s a hell of a lot of ground to cover in a week.

San Francisco > Yosemite NP > Bishop > Death Valley NP > Las Vegas > Lake Havasu > Joshua Park NP > LA

We opted for a tour to travel beyond California but alleviate the planning. After being held up by huge coaches of tourists in NZ’s south island, I dread the thought of whizzing around in a pack and only stopping for photo opps. The one we’ve booked has an average group size of twelve 18-39 year olds, so will hopefully be more suited.

Image: GA Adventures

Driving the Big Sur

Following the tour we’ll stay still for a couple of days to take in the unique wonders of LA. We’ve been advised that’s it’s not a great tourist haven but we’re hoping to visit the Getty museum and the sights of Hollywood.

We’ll pick up a car and head south to spend a night in San Diego. From there we’ll cruise up the coastal road back to SF, stopping at Santa Barbara and San Simeon – to visit the enticing Hearst Castle.

Spending time in San Fran

We’ve factored in five nights to explore (and blow any remaining dollars!) in this fine city.
We might venture further north and will inevitably be drawn to the vineyards of the Yarra Valley.


For inspiration I’ve been reading about fellow bloggers road trips on TheGrownUpGapYear and Everywhere Once but feel like I’ve still got plenty of reading & research to do.

I’d love to hear your favourite spots for this area if you’ve been on a similar trip.

I’m sure I’ll be incessantly Instagramming from @misslucy_p


2 thoughts on “Planning our USA leg

  1. Sounds like a fabulous trip! The Big Sur drive is great (though watch out for the fog!) – Hearst Castle is just so OTT and Santa Barbara’s boardwalk is a great place for a sunset cocktail. I really liked Sonoma for wine tasting, just north of San Fran (it’s a lot quieter than Napa but has some fantastic wine). Look forward to reading how you get on!

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