Readjusting to Reality – back in the UK

This post has been delayed, as has my return to reality following our trip. The best way to avoid post-trip blues is with another holiday, surely?

We landed back in London in early September, eleven months after leaving the departure gates. Three days later I went away with my family for a week. Slightly ridiculous after spending so long away, but it was a wonderful way to catch up and relax in each others company without distractions. I also relished spending time in mainland Europe. For the first couple of days, being without Rob did feel like travelling like without my right arm! I think some time on our own was healthy after almost a year in each others pockets.

Soller, Majorca

We had such a warm welcome from our families, but I was a bit wobbly on our first weekend back at home. I had written before about wondering what to expect when you’re coming home after a long trip. I think the combination of jet lag and the feeling of reassuring familiarity, but also relative unknown for the next part our lives, felt overwhelming.

We had planned for our trip for a couple of years and were always looking ahead to the next destination while we were away, and then we were home; virtually plan-free. I feel much more positive after spending that week away and am ready for a return to routine, seeing friends & sleeping in one place!

Although in some ways it feels like coming back to square one, I have no regrets about leaving my job and our flat to spend (almost!) a year in NZ, and feel incredibly lucky that we had the means and freedom to do it. Without a grand proclamation on how it’s ‘changed me as a person’, there’s no doubt the people we met and places we visited will leave their imprint.

Being away has also made me appreciate home. While I would relocate to Wellington in a heartbeat – the 11,400 miles in between is just too far!

Oke Bay
Oke Bay, Northland

Hopefully I’ll get around to writing some posts about our US leg – I didn’t quite master blogging on the road. Until then, thank you for following & commenting on this blog.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any Q’s about planning a similar trip to NZ.


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