Rarotonga: A Rainy Stay in Paradise

I expect most people have had a holiday marred by relentless rain. A wet English seaside or a flooded tent in France can really dampen your holiday spirit. It’s certainly not what we expected from our break in Rarotonga. In their dry season.

The island is the largest of the Cook Islands and usually has a South Pacific climate similar to Tahiti or Fiji. I had been warned by a colleague that Rarotonga has showers almost every day – it must be how the mountainous rainforest covering the centre of the island stays so lush. So when I saw the forecast for rain every day of our stay, I was sure it’d be nothing more than the odd shower to clear the air. In fact, it was daily monsoon-like downpours, in which my waterproofs and more substantial shoes would have been the jewels of my suitcase.

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